Your Own diy Generator, Using Wind Generator Plans

Using Wind Generator Plans to build a homemade wind turbine makes total sense for just about everyone. Wind Energy is abundant and and makes the most widely natural resource available to everyone.
It is available to most parts of the world on a continued basis, and one of the advantages of wind power over other types of green energy, such as solar power is that the wind blows both day and night – where when you are using solar power, the sun only shines during the day, and even then can even be blocked by clouds. So if the weather is cold, hot, sunny or cloudy or even at night – Your wind powered generator will still be putting out power.

There are several ways to go about getting setup with your own wind generator. Obviously you can purchase a system and have it installed professionally.

Or you can purchase a kit and install it yourself, or for those people who think like me, you can Build Your Own System and install it yourself.

If you are going to build your own system, you will need some good information – and lot’s of it. You will need to know how to determine what kinds of parts to use, the best ways to make your wind generator pivot on it’s mount.

How high to mount the unit? Where do you run the power? Where on the property is the best location for mounting? Should you mount the unit on the roof of your dwelling, or on it’s own tower?

These are valid questions and the answers are spread across the Internet – it takes a lot of time to find the answers, and when you do find them – are the solutions proven?

We are much better off when we follow well designed blueprints or designs that have been put together by people who have taken the same road we are on, and have put together all of the information in easy to follow instructions and video’s.

The truth is, the perfect diy power system would consist of both Wind Power AND Solar Power. They actually complement each other. Consider that when you have a nice bright, cloudless day – your solar system is working at maximum capacity.

But if the clouds come out, or when the sun goes down, you are not generating electricity. But when the evening winds start kicking in or a storm rolls in – you will be able to tap into that wind power.

So in reality, generally when one form of electricity is not being generated, then the other one is. What a powerful way to supplement your grid power (for storms or backup) or to even go off the grid entirely!

Green DIY Energy covers building both Wind Generators AND Solar Systems in their guides. These guides are complete and ready to help you start preparing for the inevitable right now. Check them out, there is no obligation to look at what they are offering you today.

Wind Generator Blades

Many people are afraid of getting into building their own Wind Generators because they are afraid of tackling the job of making their own blades. Or they feel that if they have to buy them, they will be too expensive.

In reality, you can make your own blades. If you have ever used a circular or skill saw, you will be able to make your own custom blades. All of the details on how to build them, including printed instructions as well as videos on how to do it are included in the plans of Green DIY Energy.